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Where are the new achievements?

I just got an email from duolingo saying this: 9 new achievements! Learn 50 new words to be a Scholar, earn 3 crowns to be Regal, and earn 100 XP to be a Sage! Can you collect all 13 achievements? But I checked the achievements and there not coming up.???

February 10, 2020



Just saw another similar thread in which someone said: "New achievements are often added to the app only. If (like me) you use Duolingo web, you might not see them." Hope that helps!


I got the same e-mail, but the achievements mentioned aren't new. I can see six achievements in the desktop version (Wildfire, Champion, Overachiever, Big Spender, Overtime and Sharpshooter) and an additional seven in the app (Sage, Scholar, Regal, Conqueror, Strategist, Weekend Warrior and Photogenic; Wildfire and Sharpshooter are also shown in the app), so that's thirteen in total, but I've had those for quite some time. Perhaps they just came out of A/B testing.


Yeah...hopefully it's just a processing delay or something and they'll appear soon.


duo lingo shouldn't have sent the message then.That's annoying


is your mobile app updated?

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