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  5. "Hello, teacher."

"Hello, teacher."

Translation:Halò a thidseir.

February 10, 2020



Why insert "a" before thidseir


Tidseir here is in the vocative case, meaning the tidseir is the adressee. In this case, the word is lenited (thus "thidseir") AND an "a" is put in the front. Tha "a" is omitted if the noun begins with a vowel.


Thanks for this clear explanation


Thank you - good answer. But, does the "a" actually translate?


Not by itself. As I understand it (I am myself a novice), "A" here is classed as a particle. In all languages I know that have particles (namely Tagalog and Bikolano) the particles mean nothing on their own. Instead they modify the meaning of the word to which they are attached.

In this case it seems the "a" is simply there to label "tidseir" as vocative, applying no other meaning.


Ah! Light bulb moment. That makes sense to me now. Mòran taing, a charaid

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