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Back over 100 days!

Well, I made it back to 100 continuous days using Duolingo. I had made it here a couple of years ago, and actually spent $20 because I missed a day and REALLY wanted to restore my streak. I'm not sure what the appeal is, but seeing my streak go up feels so satisfying/rewarding, and I'm very proud of the work that I've put into it. A few days after spending the $20, I lost my streak again, and I quit. I was no longer motivated. So now, to be back here, I am SO proud of myself! I've taken a totally different approach to learning German, and it has worked a lot better for me. I've gained way more knowledge this time around than I did before. Thank you everyone who has posted on here before. You have helped me a lot. Here's to another 100 days!

February 10, 2020



Congratulation!!! Let's see how long it takes you to catch up to me!!


Congratulations!! It's impressive when people can get even a 20 day streak. I can barely hold a 7 day streak. Here's a lingot for your hardwork! Bravo! applause


Congratulations, specially because you are learning german I am lerning german now too, crazy language ahahah


Congrads on your 100+ day streak. My streak seems to be the same as your streak. Keep up the good work, hope you get a 100 more days.

Er, just saw you scoop up another fire flame, guess I'm a day behind, just got on duo before you today, my bad.


Janelle. Great job! I love reading these even more than some huge success stories outlining super long streaks. You should be proud as you have demonstrated one of the best traits around..... perseverance! Good luck to you in your quest for German!!

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