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"Where are you from, Iain and Andrew?"

Translation:Cò às a tha sibh, Iain agus Anndra?

February 10, 2020



Without any context how can you state that sibh is correct and thu is wrong


sibh is both the polite and the plural form.

thu is the informal form used with one person you know well.

So, if you are speaking to one older/revered professor or grandparent, you would use sibh. And you would also use sibh if you were talking to two or more people you know well and speaking to them as a group.


Thank you. This difference was not clearly established earlier.


Doesn't 'Caite a bheil sibh a fuireach' mean the same thing as 'Co as a tha sibh' (i.e. "where are you from")? I haven't seen that phrase come up yet.


"Caite a bheil sibh a' fuireach?" means "Where are you living?", which is asking about where you are living just now. However, "Co as a tha sibh?" meaning "Where/who are you from?" is actually asking about your origins, your family, clan, or place of birth. . .literally as someone explained to me, "Who/Where are you out of?" Hope that helps. :)


Thank you! That's very helpful.


When saying where I am from we use à, but in this style of question the 'a' has no accent. What am I missing?

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