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Finished! (Vancouver Island, Canada)

Tha mi glè thoilichte....mòran taing! Faic dè tha air thoiseach!!

Much gratitude to all the contributors for the wonderful work and dedication! This course has opened new pathways for me in learning Gàidhlig and I will be practicing diligently while watching for new content!

Mo bheannachd oirbh! Suzanne

February 11, 2020



tha sinne gu math! I think!


Also, way to represent the island! I used to live in Victoria. Canada, baby


Tapadh leibh, a h-uile daoine who created this course - I just earned my owl trophy. Found myself going more and more slowly at the end so it would not be over. What's your advice for how much/often to review lessons? 5/day? 20 minutes?

Celebrating here in New Hampshire, USA.


Sgoinneil! Math fhèin. Tha mi fhathast ag obair air, a ’faighinn ann.


Hi Suzanne, I'm in your area, if you fancy meeting for Gaelic talk let me know.

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