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  5. "Tìoraidh a thidseir."

"Tìoraidh a thidseir."

Translation:Bye, teacher.

February 11, 2020



Is "tìoraidh" a polite/formal way to say goodbye or is it more of a "see ya"? For e.g. in German they have auf wiedersehen and tchuss, the latter being informal


Tìoraidh is informal, you'll hear it frequently when you're in Gaelic speaking areas. E.g., when you leave a shop, get off a bus etc.


Very much the latter, I've not actually seen it written (till now), which suggests it became common relatively recently. You certainly won't find it in older teaching material.


What then might the formal taking of leave look like?


Is the spelling in the app based on an "official" convention or publication? And where would I be able to find a copy of that?

I'm asking because apparently the spelling convention used is different from the one that Google keyboard for Android uses in its Scottish Gaelic module. Google spells teacher as "thidsear". For many words it has alternate spellings, but that's fine when both versions are in the keyboard. For several, including this one, there is only one spelling available, and it doesn't match. If Google is using an outdated convention then I could email them and ask if they can change it, but i need to know what to ask for.

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