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gaelic language learning audio cd's recommendations?

I currently am adding to my listening practice by using an older cd "Teach Yourself" gaelic conversation Boyd Robertson and Gordon Wells. I'm finding it a really useful supplement to the Duolingo app. I would like to get another one for greater variety and diversity. Does anyone have experience or insight into recommended cd's?

February 11, 2020



learngaelic.scot has a variety of different lessons and content. The menus will point you to beginner/intermediate/advanced options. Some things on the website are:

Little by Little is available and is a series of progressive lessons that use conversations with recordings, Gaelic text, and English text to illustrate the grammar for that topic.

Litir Bheag are topic based letters/articles and include recordings, Gaelic text, and English text. Litir do Luchd-Ionnsachaidh is another series on the same topics but with more advanced language with vocabulary lists rather than a complete translation. You can start with either series because they both include a reference to the other letter (depending on whether you want an easier or more advanced version of what you are listening to).

Speaking our Language videos can be found on youtube. Learngaelic has key clips with Gaelic and English text from all 4 series (18 shows in each series).

EDIT: Here’s a link to a forum discussion that includes two lists of SG resources posted by MimiMcC99999:



Can you tell me what is actually on these DVDs that are available? I've seen a couple of late episodes on TV and they're too advanced for me at the moment, but the format looks good. The episodes seem to be 25 minutes each. I'd be quite keen to buy DVDs of the complete episodes, but I'm nervous about ordering them in case they're just snippets like on the Learngaelic web site which I don't find so useful.


The one I have is an older set. It is “teach yourself Gaelic conversation” Boyd Robertson and Gordon Wells three CDs plus booklet
It started out very basic, making acquaintances, meeting and greeting people, and worked up to conversations about hill walking, shops, Museum and Art Centre so it covered a fairly wide range. I just found it helpful particularly because I listen to it in the car while I’m driving.


The Speaking Our Language DVDs are the complete shows (about 25 minutes each). Each DVD "boxed" set includes one series. There are four series in all. Each of the four series has 18 shows.

I have all four DVD sets (Series 1, 2, 3, and 4). Each set includes 5 (I think) DVDs (in a single multi-DVD plastic case) and there are 4 or 5 shows per DVD. The file size of each show is very large. So I put a few at a time on my laptop (from the DVD) to watch - they run faster that way because I have an old laptop. Then I delete them to watch the next few shows.

You can purchase new sets from gaelicbooks.org. I think they are £25(?) each. There are books that go with the series that contain alot more information than is on each show. Series 1 has 2 books. Series 2, 3, and 4 have one book each. Gaelicbooks.org also sells the books. There are also teaching materials available which are written completely in Gaelic - so not too useful for beginners.

Since the series are from the 1990s, both the books and the DVDs sell out and I don't know whether gaelicbooks.org has everthing.

Another place to buy these is the Sabhal Mòr Ostaig campus bookshop. They have an online store on the school webpage also.

You can also find them on ebay, but sometimes sellers ask more for used copies than to buy the new ones!

I think both the DVDs and books are great and very helpful.


Thank you. I have found someone selling them on eBay for £20 so I think I'll have some of that.


Just to clarify -- the books and DVDs are sold separately when new. I think the books are £15 each.


Yes, I realise that. I haven't looked for the books at the moment. I'll see how the DVDs go, and whether I feel I need them. (Current status: watching the Moomintrolls dubbed into Gaelic...)

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