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  5. "Cha bu toil leam salann."

"Cha bu toil leam salann."

Translation:I would not like salt.

February 11, 2020



Would this also translate as 'I don't want salt' or is there a subtle difference? Thanks


The meaning is somehow the same, but just as English I would like is more polite, the Gaelic cha bu toil leam… is also in a more polite conditional mood than simple I don’t want….

You’d need something else for simple I don’t want salt statement. Input from a native speaker would be better, but I guess you could use the verbal noun iarraidh: chan eil mi ag iarraidh salann (lit. I am not desiring salt) or maybe chan eil iarraidh agam air salann (?, lit. I have no desire for salt).


Thanks - very interesting!

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