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Interesting work experience

So I work with a lot of people from Somalia, Egypt, Morocco and Northern Africa. They all speak different languages. I never paid it much attention because I figured they could all understand each other. However the other day I was talking to my boss and I said "Whos that new woman" my boss replied "Ahh Aisha I think, shes Moroccan, so I don't speak to her" "What do you mean " I said "Well she speaks a Moroccan" "Oh, I thought you all spoke Arabic" "We do" she replied "But we cannot understand each other, I speak Egyptian, and but Walid speaks Moroccan. I cannot understand him, and I cannot understand Aisha, you see the accent is so different, they have different words with different meanings " "Oh thats interesting I said" "Yes! See every country has its own Arabic, and we can't understand each other even though its technically all 'arabic'."

I thought I'd share this because its interesting to me that there are so many dialects that the people who speak them have ceased to think of them as one language, but as many. "Egyptian" "Moroccan" ect. Just an interesting story.

February 11, 2020



I'm from Libya and I can understand most of the Arabic dialects, whether Egyptian, Jordanian, Moroccan, etc.

If you want to speak Arabic, you should learn Standard Arabic.

The Arabic language is all the same .. the difference is some local words.


thank you for sharing this interesting thought! have a nice day! LG


True, I’m Algerian and cannot understand other tv series from Syria or Egypt.... I can get the general idea if they use msa Arabic. :) but understand Tunis and Moroccan without problem


Duh, for me Morrocon is very hard to understand

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