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Weird Sentences...2!

I made a post looking for hilarious sentences from all over Duolingo, and it did so well, that I'm ready for more! Share your hilarious sentences below!

Example: From Songve "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government." The Vietnamese course.

February 11, 2020



i have a handful of those from the norwegian course but my all time fav is "Jeg spiser brød og gråter på gulvet" which means "I am eating bread and crying on the floor"


Why is this my life story?


I'm laughing cause this is relatable.


It's really sad because I don't even eat the bread. I just sit there and drown and flop around in my puddles of tears. lol!

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I was laughing over that phrase in a lesson the other day when a spam caller called me, and asked how I was doing..... No idea why he hung up on me ;)


Me in a nutshell...


From Hindi: - I am a fish. - Sit on the dog, not on the cat.

From Hebrew: - The cows are against you.


I knew I shouldn't have cheated on Chick-fil-a for a cheeseburger!


Sound advice. The dog will forgive, whereas the cat will be out for blood lol.


That's funny! My favorite one is from the Spanish course, "Seventy men eat chicken"


They must have had to had a lot of chicken.


In the Chinese Course in the Entertain lesson in the tips one of the examples are "I dance in the bathroom."


You know the Chinese course is way too interested in bathrooms when they come up in sentences in the section on family.


Why is that so relatable?


I think i was misunderstood. In the course of introducing Vietnamese sentence I quoted Monty Python. But there are sure enough strange sentences in Vietnamese like "The elephant learns to fly."


I knew I've heard that sentence before.... the one with the pond sword women...


I love monty python! That is hilarious


If you don’t want to have to open all the links, here it is in comment form:

  • "The prime minister's reply was thoughtless."

  • "The chickens did not support the prime minister."

  • "The prime minister could not implement her plans."

  • "Crime fell after the chicken became Prime Minister."

  • "Everybody likes the chicken."

  • "We have discovered the shocking truth about the prime minister."

  • "If the prime minister is a chicken, what are the other politicians?"

  • "The government had accused her of killing the chicken."

  • "The chicken is lying in the frying pan."

  • "They are eating the chicken."

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