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Weird Sentences...2!

I made a post looking for hilarious sentences from all over Duolingo, and it did so well, that I'm ready for more! Share your hilarious sentences below!

Example: From Songve "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government." The Vietnamese course.

February 11, 2020



In the Chinese Course in the Entertain lesson in the tips one of the examples are "I dance in the bathroom."


You know the Chinese course is way too interested in bathrooms when they come up in sentences in the section on family.

[deactivated user]

    yes, my friend's brother did that course and now the word he knows best is 'bathroom'.


    Why is that so relatable?


    That's funny! My favorite one is from the Spanish course, "Seventy men eat chicken"


    They must have had to had a lot of chicken.


    maybe they had one chicken, and took tiny bites


    perhaps, we shall never know


    snarcky, nerdy voice '' they must have had a lot of chicken, not have had to had. thank you very much.''


    Or "They must have had to have a lot of chicken."

    [deactivated user]

      Or, "they must have had to have had - a lot of chicken!" ;)


      If you don’t want to have to open all the links, here it is in comment form:

      • "The prime minister's reply was thoughtless."

      • "The chickens did not support the prime minister."

      • "The prime minister could not implement her plans."

      • "Crime fell after the chicken became Prime Minister."

      • "Everybody likes the chicken."

      • "We have discovered the shocking truth about the prime minister."

      • "If the prime minister is a chicken, what are the other politicians?"

      • "The government had accused her of killing the chicken."

      • "The chicken is lying in the frying pan."

      • "They are eating the chicken."


      Aw poor chicken. it became prime minister and then it ended up on some person's plate


      Wow.... That is crazy...

      [deactivated user]


        "I am making dinner out of you" - Hungarian course


        I think the Hansel and Gretl took place in Hungary. Sure explains the sentence.


        Woah, that's low- key creepy.


        sugar spice and everything nice came to my mind


        'I am an apple', in English from Italian. Me too, I says, Me too!


        At least it doesn't have the double meaning "I have a butterfly" and "The woman has a butterfly" have in the Italian from English course.
        Or creepy as the "Who is the man in the tub?".


        If you want creepy, you might also try, from the Welsh course: Owen likes Megan's pencil. Or the faintly ominous: At what time are you eating the parsnips?


        Also creepy (or maybe just useful in the gynecology clinic), one of the first things you learn on the Welsh course is dych chi'n gwisgo hosenau? (Are you wearing stockings?) On the dytopian future front, there's, dw i'n mwynhau bwyta pryfed (I enjoy eating insects).


        I have to admit that (having spent much time in Blaenau Ffestiniog, where it rains a fair bit) the welsh course asking, "do you like rain?" Does megan like rain? is also quite amusing...

        On the same subject though, why is the welsh course so insistant on making out like cinderella with stuff like "Have you swept the floor today?!? Feels weird to know the verbs for wash, clean, tidy, sweep and iron already...


        Megan: Owen get your own pencil (I'm dying with all these)


        Lol! Creepy is an understatement!


        Speaking of the Italian course, è più facile morire che amare.


        L'ape è la nostra. The bee is ours.

        Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.


        Haha! This one is from the Spanish course, "I met an interesting turtle while the song was on."


        I am literally confused right now.


        The weirdest sentence in the Spanish course is without a doubt: "My horses collect teeth". The comments in the post are truly hilarious - https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31480193

        Also recently I came upon: "I want there to be more wood." And of course the first comment was "That's what she said" in Spanish. Couldn't help but smile. :')


        Japanese course - "Excuse me, I am an apple." I'm sorry. You're a what?!


        Cats don't play piano.


        My dog sells hats.


        So, like... fur lined hats.....?


        I dunno. Just hats. The sentence doesn't specify.


        I might be interested, but dog fur can be kind of itchy... see what I did there?....a pun....it's funny.....kinda....I'm sorry.




        Esperanto "Kiu manĝas horloĝojn?" which means "Who is eating clocks?" LOL


        Please don't judge me. I have a problem!

        [deactivated user]

          i know! it's Tick-Tock the Crocodile from peter pan! it's all him! not me i promise!


          From the Swedish for speakers of Spanish course: "Hennes bröst är små" = "Her breasts are small." What a charming conversational ice-breaker at a midsummer crayfish bake!


          Bananas in the Norwegian course: Jeg er en banan. (I am a banana.)
          Katten er tre bananer lang. (The cat is three bananas long.) Hvor er den blå bananen? (Where is the blue banana?)


          The Chinese course is overly fixated with the ownership or otherwise of bathrooms. We have a bathroom, we don't have a bathroom, the bathroom is over there, by the restaurant...etc.

          Welsh wins this for me though. Some classics:

          Owen is eating parsnips in Antarctica.

          I have a dragon and a phone.

          Yes, I want the lion and the monkey.

          Owen has pink parsnips.

          No, the cat does not have a harp.

          The dragon has five sandwiches.

          And the favourite in our family...

          "I want potatoes or chocolate."

          On another related note and with no offence to the Welsh, the Welsh word for carrot is 'moron'. So when you get a sentence that comes up as (blank) a moron , it's so easy for the brain to want to insert something other than "blodfresych".

          [deactivated user]

            what is it with owen and parsnips????


            Slightly off topic, but when I learned 'moron', I suddenly realised why a friend from university would say, after someone had been particularly stupid, 'You absolute carrot'.


            I am gonna start saying that now and see how long it takes people to notice. Thanks for the idea.


            That's great! Have a lingot!


            hahah, I win. now you have the linglot

            • 1088

            Spanish course asks you translate this odd off the wall phrase: “Until the arrival of the white animal.”

            It was so weird and cryptic that it inspired a user to make up a story about it which has hundreds of likes: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/746451?comment_id=791487


            A few from German:

            Gib mir das Hähnchen. (Give me the chicken.)

            Sie gibt unser Schwein zurück. (She gives back our pig.)

            Diese katze ist irgendwie seltsam. (This cat is somehow weird.)

            Ich verlor ein Bein. (I lost a leg. But I read this as "I can't find it." vs. in an accident or something.)

            Ich bin wirklich seltsam. (I am really strange.)

            Mein Chef ist dumm. (My boss is dumb.)

            Meine Kuh braucht einen neuen Hüt. (My cow needs a new hat.)

            Wir wollen die Kartoffel sehen! (We want to see the potato!)

            Mein Zahnarzt trinkt zu viel Alkohol. (My dentist drinks too much alcohol.)

            Wir sind ansonsten ganz normal. (Apart from that, we are completely normal.)


            But what about the heilige Kartoffel? I found that back near religion. It popped up in a few lesson though because it was needed for the magic soup.


            There's one in the Romanian course that means "you are not men, you are milk"


            I never came across this sentence... would have been funny.
            My all time favorite so far is "Cinci vaci mănâncă un leu." - "Five cows eat a lion."


            Well...starts packing my bag. It's the end of the world.


            Well, that's crazy:)


            French course - There is a cow in the house (Il y a une vache dans la maison)

            I think I should be concerned


            More from French course:

            • She broke the little bear's chair = Elle a casse la chaise du petit ours

            • I didn't wash up because an owl was taking a shower in my bathroom = Je ne me suis pas lavée parce qu'une chouette prenait une douche dans ma salle de bain.

            • While looking for a towel, I found a duck that was taking its bath = En cherchant une serviette, j'ai trouvé un canard qui prenait son bain.


            The first one is basically Goldilocks.


            "My friends and I absolutely love to eat chicken with rice on the beach in Barcelona" -Spanish course


            I like when I'm learning italian and duolingo informs me "the bee is not in the sugar" thanks I needed to know that


            yeah you needed to know to put one in


            "The ship is alive!"
            "Mara died but Torg lived"
            ~Klingon course


            Yup, definitely the sort of sentences you would need at a TrekkieCon!

            [deactivated user]

              what is the relationship of mara and torg?


              Ha no one can top this in Spanish My dad likes to eat me and I came across another one the following day my dad like to eat my chicken!

              [deactivated user]

                Umm...you're right. Completely untoppable! :)


                How many times has he eaten you, exactly... What are you!?


                "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government."

                I think that is a Monty Python quote - although I think it was "bint" not "woman".


                Followed shortly after by: You can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you!


                No, it was "woman", They used "bint" later in this marvelous sketch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KN9c2TAWMlg


                I got " Excuse me, I am an apple" in Japanese.


                That's just apple-ist. It's 2020: nobody should be expected to apologise for being a piece of fruit.


                Me in Tokyo: walks up to a Japanese police officer * tries to say "Excuse me, I am lost" but accidentally says "Excuse me, I am an apple *


                better than the phrase I have now learned in three languages (Dutch, German, Finnish) I have a knife.

                Ich habe ein Messer. (German)

                Ik heb een mes. (Dutch)

                Minulla on veitsi. (Finnish)


                French course: "I am a cat."


                Latin rulez!!: The parrot wakes up the cook early. Don't approach the parrots! The parrots are always drunk. Drunk parrots are the worst animals. Perharps the drunk parrots hurl spears. You kill many drunk parrots At night, the deitful allies kill the parrots. I am not drunk. We throw the tables.

                Italian: sei come il riso al ristorante

                French: La serveuese est entierement nue


                Ah, yes, the Latin course has become the king of random-ness.

                I love it so much.


                Those parrots need alcohol counseling.


                From German:" Are two half brothers a brother?" "Duo has teeth made of gold"


                Duo is sitting in his mansion counting his gold. Oh no! The time machine has disappeared (honestly I wanted to write a story to put that in context!)

                [deactivated user]

                  Haha! My favourite one from the German course is, "Those are not my fingers."
                  One can only speculate....


                  Well then, whose fingers are they?

                  [deactivated user]


                    Hmm, they must be mine. :P


                    that isn't yours give it back


                    No wait, I think those are yours, but that one there is mine. I thought something felt off...


                    y u steel my fingers? they r very good at RedRobins. (chicken fingers)


                    So that's where my fingers went... Duolingo you little thief :P

                    [deactivated user]

                      what do you mean? they're all mine!


                      I would worry more about the conversation which lead up to that sentence!

                      "Remove your fingers from my __, or I will call the police!"

                      "Those are not my fingers."


                      Oh, and to make it even more creepy - the sentence can have two meanings:

                      "Those fingers are not mine." or..: "Those are mine, but they are not fingers."


                      Ok. I think I want to go home now.

                      [deactivated user]

                        [deactivated user]


                          uh oh, how did does get out! they're such rascals...


                          The following YouTube video pokes fun at Duolingo strange sentences and streaks:
                          My 2000 day Duolingo streak

                          I thought it was funny.


                          "The pigs are cooking potatoes with salt" from the Portuguese-English course.


                          From the French (from English) course: 'Nous mangeons une fraise' - 'we are eating a strawberry'. Talk about portion control!


                          Well it would appear as if someone at Duolingo does not like the story of King Arthur!

                          [deactivated user]

                            "you can have half my baby"...


                            You shouldn't order a full one if you're not hungry. That's wasteful.


                            A hint of Solomon there?


                            That's what I was thinking.


                            Me: * spits out tea *


                            I think the one's about Duo are SOO CUTE and funny! :) For the french course, Like, "Duo, pourquoi es-tu sur l'etagere" ( Duo, why are you on the shelf?", "Duo, tu dois sortir de l'ascenseur" ( Duo you must get out of the elevator) "Duo, tu dois sortir de la douche" ( Duo, you must get out of the shower). I look forward to one's like these. They aren't weird but they make you smile and give you a little chuckle here and there about Duo while you learn sentences. :) I hope Duolingo will make more like these! :)


                            My favorite sentence in the russian course is "Вы должны выбрать: торт или смерт!" (You have to choose: cake or death!), which is from a Eddie Izzard sketch about how it would have been if the spanish Inquisition would have been British.


                            I got these from the Dutch course; "I am an apple." "No, you are not an apple!" Is this some kind of story or something?

                            [deactivated user]

                              multiple personality disorder, huh?


                              Vamos manter o urso no banheiro:

                              We are going to keep the bear in the bathroom


                              Well where else would it go? rolls eyes lol

                              [deactivated user]

                                it's got everything it needs! water, a bathroom, food whenever someone tries to come in...

                                [deactivated user]

                                  Help! the butter is escaping!

                                  Is your brother cereal?

                                  when are we eating our siblings?

                                  the girl sees a mushroom. Lunch!

                                  hurry! the lunch might get eaten before us! this could be taken as 'they might eat lunch before we eat lunch', but i take it as they might eat lunch before they eat us...

                                  the women are eating your mice!

                                  the girl is a beetle.

                                  he eats nature

                                  gypsies! what is the price for fourteen noisy, warm babies?

                                  it does not accept bananas

                                  [deactivated user]

                                    the cat is eating the duck


                                    This teacher's room is on the nineteenth floor. But this school does not have a nineteenth floor. - Japanese.


                                    I believe that was actually part of a book called Wayside school. My sister, who's in elementary, read about it in school.

                                    [deactivated user]

                                      yes, mrs. zarves teaches class on the 19th floor


                                      i have a handful of those from the norwegian course but my all time fav is "Jeg spiser brød og gråter på gulvet" which means "I am eating bread and crying on the floor"


                                      Why is this my life story?


                                      That sounds like a total mood, honestly.


                                      I'm laughing cause this is sadly relatable.

                                      • 1797

                                      I was laughing over that phrase in a lesson the other day when a spam caller called me, and asked how I was doing..... No idea why he hung up on me ;)


                                      I have often replied to spam callers with interesting tales (you can go on a long time with the sad tale of how your leg was bitten off by a tiger when you were on holiday in Kiribati) or another language, but I have never before thought of challenging myself to use only Duo sentences. You have given me an idea.

                                      You should probably feel sorry for the spam callers who call me now.

                                      [deactivated user]

                                        i got tired of spam e-mailers, so, 6 months ago, i copied and pasted the chicken-prime minister story to the worst one.... he hasn't written back yet.


                                        I need to hear these tales.

                                        [deactivated user]

                                          what happened was i kept getting emails from an online drawing site i'd been on once, so i got bored, clicked reply on the latest one(an ad to get new colors on the site), and told it this story(found in the norwegian course, courtesy of my friend)...

                                          "The prime minister could not implement her plans."

                                          "The prime minister's reply was thoughtless."

                                          "The chickens did not support the prime minister."

                                          "Crime fell after the chicken became Prime Minister."

                                          "Everybody likes the chicken."

                                          "We have discovered the shocking truth about the prime minister."

                                          "If the prime minister is a chicken, what are the other politicians?"

                                          "The government had accused her of killing the chicken."

                                          "The chicken is lying in the frying pan."

                                          "They are eating the chicken."


                                          Me in a nutshell...


                                          It's really sad because I don't even eat the bread. I just sit there and drown and flop around in my puddles of tears. lol!

                                          [deactivated user]


                                            The Norwegian course is a gold mine, honestly.


                                            From Hindi: - I am a fish. - Sit on the dog, not on the cat.

                                            From Hebrew: - The cows are against you.


                                            I knew I shouldn't have cheated on Chick-fil-a for a cheeseburger!


                                            Haha, I don't know what I did to anger the cows, but living in the Netherlands there are cows within walking distance wherever you live. But at least I know where they are! (I know where their house lives..) Better not venture into their pastures, I guess.


                                            The chance of being eaten by a cow is always small, but never non-zero. But to look at it positively, such a cow would produce really full-bodied milk.


                                            Well, there's an entirely new and disconcerting perspective on my recently developed milk intolerance...


                                            no more pizzas forever :(


                                            Sound advice. The dog will forgive, whereas the cat will be out for blood lol.

                                            [deactivated user]

                                              what if i don't sit on either? is that why the cows are mad?


                                              In my college class I take online I learned "Marie ate two waffles, and watched Marc dance in loneliness"


                                              because that's totally relevant to college

                                              [deactivated user]


                                                I think you all will appreciate the tales about František, Matěj, Žofie, and Kateřina in the Czech<-English course.


                                                Turkish from English:

                                                Kırk litre su iç! = Drink forty liters of water!


                                                My favorite one is from my Chinese course: Which one is dead?

                                                [deactivated user]

                                                  what are the options?


                                                  Pedro always needs large pants - Spanish.

                                                  Which is about 300% funnier if you speak British English.


                                                  "The owl cooks spicy food."- Spanish course


                                                  All from the Japanese course: 'Mushroom, mushroom!' 'My little sister got arrested by the police.' 'Excuse me, I am an apple.' 'What does the fox say?'


                                                  What does the fox say? Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!


                                                  I'm not far into the Spanish course, but I've already come across the sentences "Where is your woman" and "I need money."


                                                  "Who's behind me?" -Chinese. Not exactly weird, but a bit creepy when taken out of context


                                                  Every 60 seconds in the government, 1 fre-sha-vaca-do stops existing.


                                                  "Tu matrem sepulchrum habet" means "Your mother has a grave" in Latin

                                                  [deactivated user]

                                                    my brother (in the swahili course; don't ask why, IDK) got 'my orange tongue licks eyeballs...


                                                    Cermin cermin di dinding (Duolingo knows its Disney) Saya tidak marah, tapi saya kecewa dengan kamu. (Duolingo is my mom) Dia haus cinta (Duo's been there before)

                                                    Translate it for the effect of surprise!


                                                    Also, "saya sedih kerana kamu bodoh"


                                                    "The Loch Ness monster is drinking whisky"


                                                    One of my favorites from the Hungarian course:

                                                    “This is not an apple, but a car.”

                                                    Common mistake.


                                                    I am studying Spanish and sometimes it says "I am a woman (or girl)." This is very strange as I am a boy.


                                                    I relate to this, except reversed, since I am a female..


                                                    welp, that pretty much sums up my life right there.


                                                    I like your profile pic:)


                                                    I got a sentence saying, "usted me entiende" meaning, "do you understand me?" I still do not understand what it means to this day.


                                                    there is a german one. Nein, ich bin keine Banane. Which means No, i am not a banana XD my sister found that out and was freaked out!


                                                    from the indonesian one it said "i sit on a dirty stool with ducks eating raw fish."


                                                    French course: "Go out with me! I am rich, handsome, young and smart!"

                                                    Lucy said it.

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