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"Make more difficult" option

Is there a way to put the "make more difficult" option on the phone? I only seem to have this option when I use the computer.

February 11, 2020



It's just like hearts, some additions are only for mobile, some are only for browser. Try to use Duo on the browser on your phone, maybe that will help? I'm not sure, I don't use the app at all


Thank you, I guess it's the only option for now, I hope in the future they can add it on the phone too, it would be so helpful.


Yes I hope so too. I can use the browser for now but having it on the app would be more convenient. I use it to practice spelling as well and I think it's super useful


Use the browser on your phone not the app.


I will try it, thank you


Please, what is this "make more difficult" option and where is it on the computer version?


It is where, when you have to listen to a sentence, and then type it in, you can either have a bunch of words to choose from to make the sentence, or, in the bottom middle of the screen, there is an option to "make harder." That is basically where you don't have word choices anymore, you just have to type in the words yourself. I hope that makes sense! :)


I was going to explain but I see Liza explained it perfectly :)


Well, thank you so much, OlnaKaia! :)


You're welcome! :)


It's not really a "make more difficult" option. It was called "use keyboard" before. There is nothing else to it.


This is why I aviod the app but use the browser: I learn so much better with tyoing instead cheat... I mean choosing the proper answers.

I recall there was a setting for that in the app, too, when I started out. Which means in the lower trias or something. I cannot fathom why the duolingo team got rid of it.

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For some languages at least this does exist on the app, although I believe only from when you're at at least level two in a skill.

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