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  5. "أُحِبّ اَلْأَكْل."

"أُحِبّ اَلْأَكْل."

Translation:I like eating.

February 11, 2020



Does not accept "I like the food", why so?


Hi I had the same issue, in the previous duolingo course اَلْأَكْل طَيِّب meant 'The food is good' but in this one اَلْأَكْل means 'eating'. Which was really confusing me, so I asked a couple of my Arab friends, they confused me even more, apparently food is طَعام and eating is يأَكْل or آكْل. So I do not really know what duolingo is teaching here, which makes me doubt everything else I've learned in Arabic on this app too.


I'm also confused, but I reckon it's mixing dialects?


it is mixing MSA with egyptian arabic, formal and informal, and possibly some other dialects. the arabic course is not nearly as fleshed out as the other languages like spanish. portuguese has twice as many towers for example, and more types of questions


I have heard other people say "أَكْل" means "eating" (and also "food" in some dialects. It is both a noun that means food and a verbal noun that means eating. In Arabic, they use a lot of verbal nouns (kind of like gerunds and participles in English), especially after conjugated verbs.


is "food" or "eating "?

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