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  5. "Is toil leam a' Ghàidhlig."

"Is toil leam a' Ghàidhlig."

Translation:I like the Gaelic.

February 11, 2020



Does it mean I like the Gaelic (of this person/region)? Or is it about liking the language in general? Would it be wrong to say in the latter sense: Is toil leam Gàidhlig?


With 3 months perspective, I would say that it means "the Gaelic" in general. Idiomatic.


Hmm. A couple of exercises later I came across just Gàidhlig, so am becoming inclined that a' Gàidhlig refers to its specific variety/ability.


I thought it might mean "the Gaelic" people, or Gaelic-ness itself as a thing

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