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Forget the Golden Owl, can we have the Slow Tortoise?

I've been exploring other languages and they have the Slow Tortoise.

Will Scottish Gaelic get the Slow Tortoise?

I like the Slow Tortoise!

There's no rush...but are there any plans?

February 11, 2020



The tortoise button only works for computerized voices.


I didn't realise the German voices were computerised. They do a pretty good job.


Thanks for the heads up. The Slow Tortoise certainly helps as a listening exercise.


I just did a couple of German lessons and I can see the voices are computerised now. They are a bit robotic. I had to use the slow tortoise a couple of times and it really slows it down and separates the words. Funny, I don't usually need to do that.


I must admit I found the 'tortoise' very useful for Welsh!

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