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Progress of Finnish course?

Hello everyone!

Big thank you to the amazing contributors working on the Finnish course. I have been trying to learn Finnish for many years now (my family actually migrated from Finland to Australia so many cultural and sentimental reasons to learn) and have been following the progress of the incubator with great interest.

I was just a bit confused on the latest update on progress? Is there a general window of time for when the beta course will become available? If anyone had any info it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

February 12, 2020



But don't be alarmed by what appears to be a negative advance.
It could simply be that they've added skills or words without completing their sentences, which makes it appear as if the percentage of the completion is lower.

"Lupaus on velkaakin pahempi"

"A promise is even worse than a debt" - an old Finnish proverb

As you can see, we have changed the estimated completion date juuuust a tad. I'm afraid yours truly is a bit slow and didn’t realize that you do not have to be a staff member to change the date. As for why the date was changed, Finns do not make promises unless we are certain we can keep them. We intend to make as good a course as we can, that we can promise. How long will building it take? There are too many variables involved to predict that. I waited 5 years to get started on this course. I have no intention of messing it up now, no matter how many brainstorming sessions in the sauna it takes to get it done.

It appears they do not want to commit to a date they might not make.
Maybe that will change when they have an estimate they feel more sure of.


When it's complete, is it Finnish? ;)


It'll be Finnished.



I would like to see this course materialized. Keeping my fingers crossed!


The last time I checked, Finnish was estimated to be released by April 1st

Which I'm hyped about.


Sorry to rain on your parade, but last week they pushed the release date back indefinitely. They want to focus on making the best course they can without worrying about an arbitrary deadline. It will be out when it’s out.


If you really want to learn Finnish don't wait for duo it could take years before it is out there are other places you can learn it the internet is huge.


I've been studying with books so far, am using memrise A LOT, various other vocabulary tools/pages/apps, some teaching stuff on Soundcloud, I even recently started reading a few pages on simplified Finnish books... But I'm still in the duolingo forums almost daily to check for the Finnish course. I learned Norwegian and Swedish mainly through Duolingo, so I know how much it can help me. So I've been using other sources and still be waiting for this course for years!


I found it actually hard to find other good places. I use memrise for Finnish. Do you have another recommendation?

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