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  5. "Tha doileag aig mo mhac."

"Tha doileag aig mo mhac."

Translation:My son has a doll.

February 12, 2020



My son plays with dolls and there's nothing wrong with that. He's going to be a good daddy.


Can we say "action figure?"


Or we could not uphold silly gender norms, and just let kids play with what they want to play with? That's cool too.


I think doll works. Action figure could be "figear gnìomh". I played with dolls as a young boy.


the word for son in this one is very faint and difficult to hear. It sounds like mhath not mhac. also the speech is very fast, had it been possibly said only a little slower it would be able to be understood.


No, I definitely hear the cee at the end. He does speak at a natural pace rather than slowed down, but otherwise I think you just need a little more listening practice. (And I understand it can be frustrating)


Could I say 'my son's doll' as well?


my brother played with my barbies with me when we were young. eventually though we both prefered legos lol no harm in letting kids play with any toys

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