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Satura Lanx

Salvete sodales!

Is anyone following the mini-course of Satura Lanx? I just got the first video and the exercises.


I have been following her videos on Youtube and I can recommend them, particularly those where she explains a Latin saying. These are 2-3 min clips all in Latin with explanations of most of the words. For example, she explains what a locust is.


February 12, 2020



Thanks, alfredo_555 !

As of today it seems that enrollment is not allowed. :( This is probably because it's now past the 2nd lesson of 4.

Let me/us know what you think of the class when it's over. Maybe she'll offer others.

If anyone would like to read the poem, but without Satura lanx's comments, it is here.


salvete, gratias agens pro socius, valete!

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