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  5. "Is she still in Stirling?"

"Is she still in Stirling?"

Translation:A bheil i ann an Sruighlea fhathast?

February 12, 2020



I'm confused about fhathast. "Is she still in Stirling?" and "Is she in Stirling yet?" both seem to be accepted answers, but they don't mean the same thing, unless (in the case of the latter one) you're an Elizabethan.


I think the hover words are misleading. Only by making the mistake of choosing the top one can we realise it is the second one on the list!


Any idea on pronounciation of "Sruighlea" please?


Go here & click arrow to play -https://www.ainmean-aite.scot/placename/stirling/


Is it just me whose eyes completely skim over "still" every time it appears in a sentence? The amount of hearts I've lost to it make me sick :'(

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