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In the low 4os skill level

If I am in the low fourties on the board does that mean I did not do well in the course and do not understand.

February 12, 2020



Where you appear on the board depends on how much you practice during the week compared with how much the other people in your group practice.

However, the most important thing isn't how you compare against other people, but how much progress you feel you are making. If you're learning a little each day and having fun then you're doing it right!


I agree. Leagues listings have absolutely nothing to do with skill levels. They tell you only one thing: others may have practiced more than you and not necessarily in the same language as you are learning. So what? Means nothing to me. While I ignore the league board, I would also like the option of not being listed at all. I resent being put somewhere I didn’t ask to be. D


I think other people in the groups are studying many other languages (not just SG). The first response is correct. Just compare yourself to the Duolingo answers and how well you personally did yesterday. Most of the time I keep the two privacy boxes under settings (enable the forum and share details) unchecked because seeing the high scores from other users just makes me anxious!


Thanks. I just unchecked the “ make my profile public” and the league board disappeared. No longer any need to ignore it. There is no longer anything to ignore. Now, if I could only do something about that annoying green owl and it’s meaningless and disruptive “comments” about how I am doing. Guess what? I can self-evaluate all by my little self, thank you very much. D


The league's are dangerous and misleading. There are even cheating programs out there. Some idiots are making 6000 points in a day but are still not finishing their tree. Moreover , I analyzed one of them.

He had 180000 points in English, only 23 crowns, I kid you not. After his 17000 points week, he hadn't earned one crown and his vocabulary level was still extremely low. {Duome was my friend} I want the clubs back and this manure gone. It is totally contra productive.

Progress is when you understand something outside duo. When you write your fist sentence When you speak you first sentence

I learned Portuguese only on Duo and made the biggest progress in the club, which then became a WhatsApp group. Now I can read the Folha de Sao Paulo or a workshop manual. My prononciation is still terrible but time might help.

PS 'levels' are equally misleading because they don't say anything about the progress, only about your points. Look at my duome if you like. You will see a French owl which I only did for fun, being at level 7 :D. But my Russian is still terrible.. says it all doesn't it.

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