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  5. "a' chlach ghorm"

"a' chlach ghorm"

Translation:the blue stone

February 12, 2020



I'm starting to get the hang of masculine/feminine, but who decided it was a lady-rock? :D


Please can someone tell me when to use a' and when to use an or am for the definite article? I can't spot the pattern, or is a' just for feminine nouns?


OK, this is only going to apply to the nominative basic case. We'll be getting on to the dative (after prepositions) and genetive (kind of to do with possessives and after verbal nouns and basically it gets complicated so we're leaving that till later)


-before vowels (a,e,i,o,u) use 'an t-' (e.g. an t-each)

-Before the letters b, f, m or p use 'am' (e.g. am balach)

-Before any other letter use 'an' (an cofaidh)

Feminine nouns

-Before the letters b, c, g, m, p use: a' and then lenite the following noun. e.g. a' bhùth

-Before the letters s (except sg, sm, sp, st which I use the mnemonic 'gumpot' to remember) use an t- e.g. an t-seanmhair

-Before the letter f use an, but it lenites the following noun. e.g. an fhuil

Before any other letter it is just 'an' So yes, there are rules, but it's going to take a while to internalise.


Wow! Thank you so much! It certainly is going to take a while to internalise. I feel better now for not being able to spot the pattern :)


So A' is pronounced like dà, am I right?


There's no d sound no. Just a, the same a as would be in bat or rat or any number of words.


Thanks, I can hear it now. I'm finally getting my ears "tuned".

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