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  5. "I do not have a shirt on."

"I do not have a shirt on."

Translation:Chan eil lèine orm.

February 12, 2020



I cannot put in the accents from this device.


Are you doing it on mobile or PC? If on mobile, then holding down the vowel should give the option to add accents.


I'm a little confused about when 'mi' needs to be inserted into a sentence starting with'I' I am wanting.... I have.....I am buying.... etc. Is there a rule to follow?


I'm just guessing so someone can correct me if I'm wrong. But so far it seems like the ones that don't need the "mi" are transitive verbs. That is the verb is split up: Tha _ orm Chan eil _ ort

So those verbs include the "mi" or "thu" already. In fact, it seems likely that's what the m and t at the end actually stand for.

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