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I really like the listening exercises in Latin!


When I'm asked to translate English to Latin, or fill in the blank, sometimes it's difficult for me to remember the correct inflections. For instance, do I use sapiens or sapientes here, for two people? (It's sapientes.) But for the listening exercises, all I have to do is type what I hear, and then I can translate it into English in my head. The contributors who recorded all those sentences deserve all the good things they desire!

Timor mortis conturbat me.

February 12, 2020



I agree, the listening exercises are good. The first few recordings are a bit rough -- you could hear the buttons on the tape recorder clicking off and on, and birds chirping outside someone's window lol, but they got better really fast. I'm just really grateful for the whole presence of Latin on Duolingo.


Not bad for a start. But some speakers have pronunciation errors. Pay attention to the sounds of R, D and T, as well as to the sounds of V and U. There are different traditions of pronunciation of Latin, but none of them the sounds of R, T and D are pronounced in the same way as in English. Listen to how these sounds are made by the peoples who received their language from Latin: Romanians, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, French. Good luck


me too (for spanish)


Well, honestly I totally disagree. In my opinion they should be removed entirely. Firstly, Latin isn't spoken anymore. When you learn it in school, like I did, pronunciation and being able to say everday life things is completely irrelevant. Secondly, the speakers have very strong American accents. I highly doubt that anybody spoke like this back in ancient Rome. America wasn't even discovered. My teachers pronounced things completely differently. I have big problems understanding the audios. Although wenn I see the solution, I could have answered it, if it was pronounced a bit more European.

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