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"Este fin de semana, si es posible."

Translation:This weekend, if it is possible.

April 30, 2013



In a previous test, a sentence started with "Si es posible", which Duolingo translated as "If possible". But here, that's incorrect when it shouldn't be.


agreed, "if possible" is fairly common in english without "it's"


Possibly the problem here is that if we just write if possible, our sentence no longer has a verb. In the other examples where "Si es posible" was used as a clause, the rest of the sentence contained the necessary verb.
But, if you think it is correct, report it and see what DL says :)


wazzie, in this case the sentence doesn't need a verb, that's just how this phrase would work in English.


I was just giving a possible reason for the rejection. But if you think it should be accepted, please report it using the report a problem button and select my answer should be accepted. If DL agrees with you, they will add it to their database.


"This weekend" is not going to have a verb no matter what redundancies we use to describe the condition. Reported.


Of course it won't, because the verb goes with "it" not "this weekend".


I agree with you both, I'll try reporting it...


"This weekend, if it is pissible". GOOD MOANING! Oh dear, typo-Tuesday


Is this wrong? This weekend, yes it is possible.


Si without an accent is "if" but sí with the accent means "yes." As there is no accent in this sentence, "yes it is possible" is not correct.


When listening to the sentence how can you tell if it is. Yes it's possible or. If it's possible???


I wrote: if it is possible, this week-end and it was rejected.


DL prefers more direct translations than that. Try to get the wording as close os you can to what the original sentence was.


Repoted it softlyyyyy

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