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Is it possible to disable Facebook related prompts?

Here's my question: Do you know of a way to use this great tool while disabling prompts (ex: "Share of Facebook?") and Facebook integration for our under 13 population?

If you want to know more, read on

We'd like to use Duolingo at our school but Admin. and parents are balking at adoption due to the amount of Facebook related prompts on the site.

Concerns are in the realm of Facebook being a tempting distraction while using this great tool at home and school. Certainly, this is a "teachable moment" about real-world distractions while navigating ones way through as a responsible digital citizen but that reasoning still isn't winning the hearts and minds of the community. Setting the policy that students avoid Facebook related clicks doesn't seem to work for the majority of students.

I know our school assumes responsibility of students under the age of 13 to have accounts under the Google Apps for Education under the COPPA umbrella but certainly not for Facebook. We could push back on parents to say that explicit parental consent is required to have a Facebook account when the child is under 13.

April 30, 2013



It would be great if all these buttons about Facebook were not shown if a person does not link their Facebook account to Duolingo. I don't use Facebook at all, for example. I use Twitter and linked my accounts, so it's fine to show me the buttons to share via Twitter.

I have to admit, however, that Duolingo is not too persistent with suggesting Facebook everywhere as many other sites are. Thanks for that.


I think Facebook prompts in general are a bad idea for any site. I'm a member of Facebook, but I certainly don't want to clutter up my life there with what I'm doing elsewhere.


Just a quick note re: Facebook. I did at one point connect to fb (to give Duo a like) and found I was forever after connected, and editing my settings to disconnect from fb did not 'take' or could not be saved.

If anyone else is in this position of not wanting to be tracked by fb forever, I found that making a small edit to my location (eg. adding a space) then allowed me to disconnect from fb and save the disconnected fb status. I'm sure this is just an oversight in the code that is looking for a change in text in order to recognise an edit has occurred.


Your school's admin could simply install Stylish for Firefox (or the equivalent for whichever browser you use) and hide every Facebook- or Twitter-related or otherwise unwanted element on the site. Done.


I like the suggestion! It won't work at our school as students would use Duolingo on Chromebooks and at home. Thank you for the out of the box solution!


There should be a similar method for Chrome browser with a userscript extension. They usually work across browsers. It's probably already been done. Of course, this does mean you'd need access to everyone's Chromebook to install it. Good luck.

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