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Modernized High Valyrian

Although high valyrian is a language occuring in the ancient valyria, in the world of ice and fire, to make it more useful in the modernized world, we need to have new vocabularies relating to technologies. For example, computers. Computers equals to com and putare, which means think together in Latin, and also means calculate. But, there is no word that means calculate in Valyrian, so we can make it up using Hēnkirī and otāpagon, and create something like otāhēnkiri, it ends in i, making it lunar in the fifth declension. I think this can be true for all words, we just need to figure out a pattern to make them.

February 13, 2020



Yes, that's an excellent idea. Maybe we could make a list of modern things we'd like to have valyrian words for, and then try to translate them? (I'm Swedish, so I see your point.)


But even if we did make them, if such technique is not approved by the creator, it cannot be canoical. in fact, not just modern things are missing, lots of others like legal system, millitary, politics, medicine... i believe these must existed in valyria


it can be just like swedish, with a lot of compound vocabularies


Perhaps the more near word for "computer" might be "machine" word.

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