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Re doing lessons please

Dear DuoLingo, I have been sailing along doing very well for the last 77 days. I have been so motivated and getting along wonderfully with the Scottish Gaelic course. Suddenly I am up against a brick wall. I can go no further. The leap from one lesson to the next has been too great. Either, I need to go back and start the lesson again or I will have to give up. I do not want to give up. Please can you tell me how I can go back and start the lesson again?

February 13, 2020



You can try going back and do the practice exercises to help you consolidate what you have already learnt.

Otherwise I assume you need to open another account with another email address.


Thank you for your reply. Yes, I do all the previous revision exercises every day. However, I fear that you are right, I will need to open another account to re do that lesson.


I'm sorry but I don't understand how opening another account will help. Maybe I don't understand what the problem is exactly. Any clues welcome. Thanks.


When you get a skill to gold, you're locked out. All you can do is repeat practice lessons which aren't very difficult. You can't go back and work your way through that skill again from the bottom. The only way to do that is open a new account and begin the tree again from scratch.


Thank you for the reply. I have been sailing through the lessons doing well for the last 77 days. Suddenly the lessons have become very hard, maybe the learning curve is getting too steep for me. So, I would like to go back and re do the last few sections lessons, but there is no way to do this. I know that if I get to the end of the lesson, I can do the revision exercises, but it is too hard to get to the end. So I am stuck and cannot go forward.


At what point have you become stuck? I would have thought that doing the revision exercises would have been good enough to get you secure enough to continue?

You could set up a new free account and take the test at the start to unlock the first crown level as far as you've got to, and then you have access to the earlier lessons on that account.


It looks like you're taking lessons to level 5 in one go, which is actually not recommended.


Just because taking 5 levels in one go isn't recommended by that one article doesn't mean it's wrong. As a linguist I was eager to try several different study methods, including the recommendation from the article, to see which method worked best. Personally, however, I found the '5 levels in 1 go' method to be the most effective for me. It offers me a few days repetition on a new topic and once a week I also repeat the previous lessons.

Exposure: Learning new vocabulary is about exposure, the more exposure to a word the deeper it becomes ingrained in your brain. By going through all levels on a given topic you get optimal exposure on a given topic. Then by repeating older lessons regularly you ensure the new vocabulary remains active.

Motivation: The recommended article takes motivation into account. But while the importance of motivation in language learning cannot be overstated, it does not mean the recommended method is the optimal method for new vocabulary learning when excluding motivation. The recommended method might help to keep learners motivated, but personally I think that if you can stick with the '5 lessons in one go' method, without burning out on the course, it's more efficient than their staircase method.

Age: Also don't forget age is an important factor in language learning as well. The more advanced in years, the more difficult it becomes to learn languages. So young teenagers will get away with brief sessions of broad repetition, while people nearing retirement will likely require more focused and extended repetitions to learn new words.


Thank you for the reply. I have been taking it slowly and I am only a few lesson in from level 2 in 80 days. It was all going very well until I got to feelings2 in level 2 and I have hit a brick wall. I cannot go back and revise feelings2 untill I have finished it. I cannot finish it without revising what I have done. This "catch 22" means that I must give up duolingo, with great regret.

i have just read your link and it is precisely on point 3 that I am getting stuck :- "Now, get to Level 2 in the new skill from Step 1. Practice that new material before it gets the chance to escape its new place in your long-term memory!" Please can you tell me how I can practice that new material if I am still only on level 2 ? I don't get practise exercises until I finished lesson 5 of that section


That is the $64,000 question about Duolingo.


maybe you could try re-reading the grammar notes, or going over the word list. i´ve been taking my own notes too. i think deleting that language and then adding it again might take you back to square one. i had been doing all the courses to level 5 before moving to the next. Now I have reached a point where I will do one full section to level one and then go over it again. It´s a shame you have to be at level five of a section to practice it... nothing this free is perfect.


You can do both at once - that's what I'm doing. I opened a second account (a free one, obvs) and started again right at the beginning. I'm only taking each skill to four crowns this time, on that account, to leave me a crack at the highest level when I want to use it, as the practice lessons I'm getting on the gold tree on this account are easier than the 4-5 crown lessons.

Every day I do a bit on each account. I bring at least one skill on the new account up to four crowns, and I do practice lessons on the gold tree. And I read around - the tips, my own notes, I watch Can Seo and now "Gaelic with Jason" and in the evenings I binge on kiddie cartoons in Gaelic, whatever happens to be on the box. Not that I'm getting it all yet by a long shot. But it all gives some variety.


Thank you very much for your useful explanation. I will have a go at the way you do it. But I am a bit confused with the terminology. Is a "skill" just one of the round yellow things, or is it the section that looks like a castle with a number in it? And are the "crowns" the little numbers in the circles? Also what is a "gold tree" and where can I find it? I would be interested in the extra practise lessons you day are on this gold tree. I can't think why it has to be so complicated and DuoLingo give no explanation of how it all works.


In Duolingo terminology a "skill" seems to be one of the round yellow things.

A "gold tree" is simply what you end up with when you have brought every skill on the tree to the 5-crown level. At that point all you can do is the practice lessons on each skill. If you have some skills up to 5 crowns already you'll know what I mean. A gold tree is when they're all like that.

You do have a chance for extra practice before you get to that stage though. There's an icon that looks like a dumbell (or is meant to) and if you click on that you will get a random lesson that doesn't advance any of the skills up a crown level.


Is there a way to contact DuoLino to tell them about this "glitch" in their otherwise excellent programme ?


People have been complaining about this for ages and Duolingo doesn't pay any attention.


Thank you for the reply, please can you tell me how to complain to duolingo and I shall add my voice to the others who are objecting?


I have no idea. People have been posting on it at length on the forum, but I do not know of any way to compel Duolingo to read these complaints. I would be surprised if they were unaware of them though.


Thank you for your replies. The "dumbell" has really helped, I am back on track now



And you can post here to one of the course contributors.


This isn't something we can fix, I'm afraid.


Thank you for the reply. I shall start a new account then.


There is a way around. If you want to reset the course and go over everything again all you have to do is delete the course from your account and re add it.

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