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  5. "Seo seanair math."

"Seo seanair math."

Translation:This is a good grandfather.

February 13, 2020



Why not 'this grandfather is good'?


Seo in this position implies 'is' as well as 'this'. 'This' in the sense of 'this grandfather' needs the definite article as well as 'seo' - 'an seanair seo'. Here the 'seo' in conjunction with the 'an' does not also imply 'is' - so 'seo seanair math' = this is a good grandfather, and 'tha an seanair seo math' = this grandfather is good.


This is the first time in the course I've heard "sh" in the beginning of "sheanair"- it usually sounds like "hay-nar"


seanair always starts with a "sh" sound - sheanair always starts with a "h" sound.

seanair is the basic form (or nominative case) of the word for "grandfather". Most of the examples so far have been sentences where we are talking to a grandfather, in which case we had to use the vocative case, adding the vocative particle a and leniting the plain form of the noun, giving us a sheanair.

In this sentence we are talking about a grandfather, so we need to use the nominative case (or the "plain" form), seanair.

se and si both have a "sh" sound, and sa, so and su have an "s" sound - when lenited (sha, she, shi, sho, shu) they all have a "h" sound.

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