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"Bidh sinn a' falbh a dh'aithghearr."

Translation:We will be leaving soon.

February 13, 2020



I am wondering why we have "a dh'" in front of aithghearr. I understand that the whole thing means 'soon' but what do the consituent parts mean and how do we translate this as soon?


Because of the vowel, basically.


Yes. There are certain words where dh' is added to the beginning to make it easier to say. I discussed what the origin might be here.


Why not "We will soon be leaving."?


Why is falbh no translated as going?as in feumaidh mi afalbh


'Leaving' is the literal translation of falbh. We often say 'going' in English but it is just an idiom. It may be that going has been accepted in some questions but it is much safer to learn that falbh means 'leaving' as otherwise to might mistakenly use it to translate we are going to eat or we went to Portree etc.


It rejected "We will be going soon", which should be accepted (flagged).

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