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Earning Badges for Duolingo *New Suggestion

I had an idea that we could earn badges for duolnigo say one badge for good practicing, one badge for a 30 day streak, one badge for 50 sentences translated, -just cute little badges that show's all you handwork, I'm not sure if anybody ells fells like this too, but I feel that this would really motivate and push me to do my absolute best, and it will set new goals for people who need a challenge. thanks so much for everybody who made duolingo so amazing, I have tried many other french websites before this one but I found none of them worked for me, so thanks again

April 30, 2013



Thanks for the suggestion! We have some updates on the way, so stay tuned!


I'm tuned AND excited about any new updates! This site just keeps getting better and better:)


There's nothing more motivating than the inner-child's need for bling! Like the idea.


I love this idea, I find it so hard to be motivated but when you get little badges and stuff you realize sometimes bribery actually does work :) for me at least! I would really love to see duo-lingo do this,


yes I am also pro badge! I'm hoping to see this on duolingo in the future


I like the fact we earn coins for logging in and doing lessons each day. I have also wished that the coins were a currency and we could spend them. Earning money that you can spend is a big motivator for a lot of people and they would end up doing more lessons to save up for more expensive stuff in the shop.


Fun! that would make this soooo funn


I would probably never get off of Duolingo again...


Cool Idea, but I think lot's of us would do more shopping instead of work on are language, I don't think duolingo was supposed to be like a game, it's more of a learning place, on the other hand if it helps people that could be motivating I guess


The thing is if they didn't do their lessons then they wouldn't be able to afford to shop. And I always thought Duolingo was supposed to be game like. That's why they have the heart system. It's like losing lives in a video game.


Yes I would love this idea, although spam protection would have to be made stronger. I would be even more motivated!


I see, it just seems like it would take the duolingo team a lot of work to build that.


It was just a thought. I don't know how long it would take but I have thought a lot about it.

If you have ever been on Gaia Online that is sort of the currency/shopping system I imagined although it wouldn't have to be that complicated. It could be as simple as building "coins" the same way we build points (a system that Duolingo has already built) and shopping for something as simple as .jpeg images of teddy bears and stuff and you could maybe give them to other users as gifts.


I lovvvee both these idea's (this shopping one and I also lovveee the badge idea!)


I mean it's a good idea if it helps you learn :)


I like the badge idea, not so much shopping with our coins, I think we should enjoy learning a language without thinking about shopping and all the kind of stuff, I don't know, I just feel that it would be a waste of time


This is a good idea. It's a bit like "trophies" or "achievements" in video games, and video game mentality does seem to be at the core of Duolingo's addictiveness (and effectiveness!).


neat Idea, would they show on are page?


I think you are asking if it would display the badges on our home page?


An example for the way that the badges would hopefully be is khanacademy.org , (a free math site that also makes it seem like a game when you are practicing) they have badges and they have ranks of thee same badges example: watch 30 minutes of one video topic get a bottom level badge - watch 2 hours of video in the same topic you get a midrange badge - watch 5 hours of video in one topic and you get a higher/highest level badge.


I'll have to check that out sometime, sounds cool


Yes, that would be a great way of keeping us motivated. They have the same system at codeacademy.org.

One thing I miss in the corrent format is the trumpet sound at the successful completion of a lesson. Please bring it back on!


Yes, trumpets please!


I'm just starting duolingo. so just learning my way around here, but I must say this sounds like a great Idea!


GREAT idea!! Please make this a priority!


The more badges, the better!


It might also be neat to have more specific badges, like Girl Scouts!—like for successfully translating X number of sentences in the Literature section, or giving X number of helpful answers to users, or completing X number of timed sessions with 100% accuracy, or submitting X responses that are approved as new possible answers to questions.

... I realize this might seem a bit more complex, but the process could be operationalized fairly easily.


I like this thanks :)


Badges/Trophies/Achievements are an important (though silly) part of gamification! Looking forward to when they are added (I know they will be--the Duolingo guys are really great).


By the way, I noticed some members recently have achieved a "star" over their names, particularly green colored. The ones who give mostly proper observations or comments. How did they get it? Or is it only a wrong perception I'm having?
And about the badges that were proposed, I agree. It could be useful also, obtaining something for a right report, assert, comment, so forth, this would reflect somehow the reliability of someone's sayings. It should be classified for each language separatedly-


The ones with a green star are moderators who help in discussions, while ones with a blue star are people who work for Duolingo.


I think the star has something to do with if they work for duolingo (just a guess)


I disagree with the idea of shopping with our coins. What would we buy? I think shopping would be a distraction. And using the coins to unlock lessons is redundant. Lessons are unlocked when the website sees that you have passed previous lessons. IF coins are used for anything, I would say they could be used to unlock additional vocabulary drills by theme. But, the coin module is not necessary to make that happen. Learning is the reward in and of itself! :)


My concern, if the coins could be used to "buy" or "unlock" anything at all, would be that people would be encouraged to cheat for coins, either by using other resources like Google Translate while doing lessons, or by making stupid edits in the Immersion section. I am quite content with the coins simply representing how much you've accomplished.


sweet hope this badge thing happens, what's this shopping thing about?


I use it to learn a language, but for me that is kinda like a game,, so any changes that would make it more fun to learn and repetitive,, but for the sake of learning instead of just being a bit boring... that would be rad. I find that by the time you get thru a level, it's kinda boring because you may still not know how to spell it, but you make it thru just b.c it was repetitive. .


I'm against it. The motivation should be learning the language, not obtaining digital badges. It might and probably will lead people focusing on the tasks to get the badges, ignoring the well structured course dou has planed. If you want fun, there's millions of games on the internet. I believe that Duoling should keep its focus on teaching languages that way it is.


I respect your point of view. However, I believe learning, gaming and fun are three concepts that go well with Duolingo. In fact, the Duolingo dudes themselves refer to the model as having gamified language learning.... And as for people who may focus on getting badges instead of learning a language, well, that's their problem. Would it lead you to get badges instead of focusing on learning the language? And what do you have against fun as a learning vehicle anyway?


"What do you have against fun as a learning vehicle anyway?" Nothing at all, if implemented correctly. I think learning languages it in itself fun and rewarding and the already mentioned gamification aspects certainly don't sabotage that joy. I just believe that the current badges (after each topic, level and language) are enough. There are hundreds of examples of terrible educational games where the designers though all the had to to was add high scores & badges.. from operant conditioning and skinner box rewards schedules we know that that constant reward (eg. in form of badges) are not the optimal way to motivate a person and can even undermine learning.

"Would it lead you to get badges instead of focusing on learning the language?" yes, probably.. because I'm a suuper juvenile and susceptible when it comes to shiny objects. Sadly I'm not even joking... But I honestly think that any medals, badges (especially shown on public profiles) will be a way to compare yourself to the other users in this otherwise pretty anonymous community and thus become an object of desire, and thusthus.. become something people will try and attain just to have more of than the others. Introduce any form of score or value and things become competitive.

tdld; Keep dou the way it is. A simple accessible site, not a slot machine.

*A small sidenote; I don't feel strongly about this and wouldn't leave dou if... when they go through with these changes. I just felt like I should address my personal concerns.. for this is a discussion after all :)


thanks to everyone for all the great comments!

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