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I'm new but I think this is wrong?


It should be tln, right?

February 13, 2020



No. It should be a capital i, not a lower case L. Watch for the little curl at the bottom of the lower case L (l) that's not at the bottom of the uppercase i (I).

We have entered these words into the exercise database with proper capitalization, but the software sometimes changes the capitalization based on common European practices and without regards to the particular language's rules. Even the European languages complain that proper nouns sometimes have the capitals removed. The programmers know this is an issue, but haven't yet figured out how to fix the problem without a major software rewrite. If you can find a correct answer with proper capitalization, choose it. But if you find what seems to be the correct answer except for incorrect capitalization, that is probably the correct answer.


Thanks! Looks like I'm confusing captial I's with lowercase L's.

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