Gaelic practice

I just wanted to start this chat so that I could have conversations with other people in Scottish Gaelic, for practice. Nobody that I know speaks it or is learning it, so real life practice can be difficult. :)

February 13, 2020


Madainn mhath, a Mhairead! Bu toil leam a sgriobhadh thugad. Dé a tha thu a’ déanamh an-diugh? Tha mi a’ sgriobagh litir bheag gu Mairead, agus an uair sin bidh mi ag obair air a’ chroit. Tioraidh, a charaid!

Madainn mhath, a--Chan eil mi buileach cinnteach dè an t-ainm a th ’ort. :) I'm ashamed to say that I'm beginner enough that I had to look up the translation to most of your comment...but I'm getting there! The more I have to do that, the more I'll pick up. So, Tapadh leabh! Tioriadh, a charaid fhein! (was that a proper use of "fhein"?)

Feasgar math! A bheil duine an seo a fuireach ann am Birmingam(UK)? Cuideachd a bheil duine a Brazil?

Madainn mhath for me--Feasgar math for you!

Tha mi a ’fuireach anns na Stàitean Aonaichte, ach bu mhath leam tadhal air an UK agus Brazil!

Well, here's something for practice. Corrections are most welcome, as I usd Google Translate for the nouns:


“Seo da coin,” thuirt am bodach. “Seo da cait, seo da cangarù, seo da luchain, seo deise coineanach - stad! Dìreach dhà. A-nis, seo da mucan…”

“Tha e coltach ri uisge,” thuirt fear eile, agus: “Sin aon bhàta mòr.”

“Seo da uain, seo da leòomhainn. Càit a bheil an h-unicornan?” thuirt am bodach. “Hàlo, dè?”

“Thuirt mi, ‘Sin aon bhàta mòr.’”

“Tha e.”

“Maidinn mhath, er...”

“Is mise Noah.”

Okay, I'll take a crack at it--let see here...

"This is two pounds" [not sure of translation here]. "Here are two cats, here are two kangaroos, here are two [aaah! I forgot that 'luch' is!!], here are ten dogs--stop! [?] Now, here are two pigs..."

"It is [?] water," [?] and: "[?] on big boat."

"Here are two [?], here are two [?]. [?]" "Hello, [?]" "[?] me, '[?] one big boat.'" "It is." "Good morning, er..." "I'm Noah."

There, lol! Not to good, but not too terrible I suppose. :D

Hàlo agus feasgar mhath a Mhairead agus a h-uile duine. Is mise Pòl. Ciamar a tha sibh? tha mi ag ionnsachadh Gàidhlig for a trip a dh’alba as t-earrach (this spring). Tha mi à canada. I am really new to Gàidhlig too. I think your idea for this discussion was sgoinneil. Tha mi ag iarraid practice chan eil am faclair Gàidhlig when possible.

Tha mi duilich for the mix of language. I’ve been listening to bbc Alba ( when I can - I think it helps. I only follow so much but catch more words with every listen.

Tiarraidh an dràsta

Halo--ciamair a tha sibh? Tha mi gu math. That mi ionnasachadh Gaidlig because is toil leam Alba, agus I have family there. Tha mi a America, no my great-grandparents came from Alba. Tapadh leibh--is toil leam this discussion a-rist.

Tapadh leibh for the recommendation! Bu toil leam to listen to the radio program, for sure!

Mar sin leibh, agus tapadh leibh for your comment! Tha mi duilich for taking so long to get back to you!

Nah gabh dragh. Tha e math bruidhinn ruit.

Tha e math bruidhinn ruit fhein!

Ceart gu leòr!

Dè tha dol?

Chan eil mòran, dè mu do dheidhinn?

Chan eil mòran cuideachd, 's e obair là tòiseachadh! (Là = latha). Tha e seann-ràdh a Gàidhlig.

Mmm. Tha mi duilich--I don't understand that sentance--I wish I did!! What's that in English, haha?

Not much also, its a day's work to get started. It's an old Gaelic saying.

Haven't seen 'là' as a Gaelic word for ''day' here yet.

Oh, I see. :) I'll try and add more Gaelic into my Gaelish with my conversation with you, as I learn it... I wish I knew more! I'm putting a lot of effort into it, though, so hopefully I'll progress quickly. :)

Yes, that would be fun and helpful. But how would we practice? Can't meet in real life if you're not in Australia, so how would we do it? Email? Keep extending this post? Chan eil mi a tuisginn...and I don't even know what 'Gaelic' is in Gaelic, but I"m learning.

Thanks. I looked it up after I wrote that, here:

There is an app called Tandem where you can chat with speakers of other languages. It might be difficult with Gaelic because all native speakers already speak English. I'm in Australia and I have the same problem by the way. I have attended an Italian learners Duolingo group several times, and that was great.

There are Gaelic classes run by An Comunn Gàidhlig Astràilia. but I think they are only in Adelaide. I'm in Queensland.

I don't know about the Scottish Gaelic discussion, but maybe there is an opportunity to meet up on Tandem or even IRL. If we can get enough of us I wouldn't have a problem with doing a Duolingo event some time. I don't know how handy Brisbane would be, but I go there quite regularly.

There is always Raghnall Dòmhnallach. He has usually a spare room for meetings. (Ronald Macdonald)

I was thinking just a discussion on this post. :)

Thank you all for all the replies! I didn't think anyone would even see this, haha! Tha e sgonniel! (Don't think I spelt that right...)

Halò Maggie,

Madainn mhath. Ciamar a tha thu?

How long have you been learning Gàidhlig for? I've been learning for a couple months or so, but trying not to rush through it so it sinks in.

Halo a Jeremiah! Tha mi gu math taing! Agus thu fhèin?

I started learning Gaelic a couple of years ago, but I keep having several month long breaks. I'm still pretty beginner, but when I do work on it, I generally pick it up pretty quickly. :) I just discovered DuoLingo yesterday, and I love it! Previously I was just using

Tha mi math, tapadh leat!

Nice one on keeping going with your learning! I've grown up visiting family in Alba, and have been listening to Gàidhlig music for a number of years now. So when I discovered Duolingo and that it had a Gàidhlig course I decided to try and learn the language.

Am looking forward to when I can actually reach a basic conversational level and beyond.

Hey, tha mi duilich for the delayed response! I've been really busy lately. :(

My biggest dream is to visit Alba... sigh

Na gabh dragh. Tha i ceart gu leòr.

Tha Alba cho brèagha. Cò às a tha thu? Tha mi a Sasainn. But have Scottish on my dads side of the teaghlach and Chinese on my mum's side.

Tha mi a ’fuireach ann an Ameireagaidh. My mother's grandparents came from Paisley and Glasgow, and the family down from them has remained very Scottish-hearted. I've wanted desperately to visit my "homeland" for as long as I can remember.

Seo Sgoinneil that your teaghlach has remained very Scottish hearted.

Am sure it will be a very special day for you when you are able to make it over for the first time.

My Athair although born in Sasainn, is more attached to his Scottish heritage, a love which he has passed on to me.

Oidhche mhath a Mhairead. 'S mise Seumas agus tha mi a' fuireach anns Astràilia. Tha an-t side glè bhlàth an seo, agus feumaidh sinn inneal-adhair (air conditioning) air an oidhche. Rugadh mi ann an Alba agus bidh mi a ’cheilidh air mo bhrathair agus an teaghlach aige ann an Alba uaireannan. Tha iad a ’fuireach faisg air Obar Dheathain, ach is dòcha gun tadhail mi air na h-Eileanan an Iar cuideachd an ath-bhliadhna.

Well, I got very little of that, so I need more practice, too. I was impressed that Google Translate did a good job of translating it once it idenitifed the language as Irish. They're pretty similar, I suppose.

So, back into the Gaidhlig until Duolingo gets Cornish up and running.

Btw--Google translate has a 'Scottish Gaelic' option, that will be much more accurate. :)

'S e ur beatha, a charaid!

I tried using Irish on it with Google Translate. It has me living in Scotland, but otherwise very similar.

"Kernwu bys Vyken!" Or something like that.

I don't think Google Translate is all that trustworthy.

I assume you mean "an teaghlach aige". Agad means "yours", aige is "his".

Glè mhath ged-tà

Oops. Silly mistake. I'll fix it.

Btw everyone--my apologies for my "Gaelish"...I'm still fairly beginner. :)

Sin thu fhèin! We are mostly all beginners. It was a really good idea to start a practice thread.

Tapadh leibh! Is toil leam this thread. :D

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