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  5. "Chan eil gràin agam ort."

"Chan eil gràin agam ort."

Translation:I do not hate you.

February 13, 2020



"There is not hate I have on you"


I am glad to hear it. I was getting worried.


My issue is with the speed at which the "agam" is delivered compared with the "ort"


I am not clear on how agam and ort are working in this sentence. What is the literal meaning. Can anyone elaborate?

Chan eil gràin agam ort.
Not is hatred at‧me on‧you.

When I say something is 'at me', that is the normal way to say 'I have', so I have the hatred. 'On' is used for the object of the feeling, be it love, hate or any other feeling.

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