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"Nach robh an uinneag fosgailte?"

Translation:Wasn't the window open?

February 13, 2020



Was the window not open should be accepted.


Did you report it as "My answer should be accepted"? That's the way to get alternative correct answers added. However, I see I reported this four months ago, so it seems not to have made any difference yet.


I don't agree that it's a valid translation, if I'm honest.

  • Nach robh an uinneag fosgailte? > Wasn't the window open?
  • An robh an uinneag idir fosgailte? > Was the window not open?


It's the correct way to write the sentence without a contraction, as "Was not the window open?" doesn't exactly work. The English without the contraction is ambiguous and could mean either of your Gaelic sentences.


Shouldn’t it be “an t-uinneag” because it starts with a vowel?


No, because uinneag is a feminine noun, and feminine nouns beginning with a vowel do not get the t- prefix after the definite article.


Thanks for the help, have a lingot!


Should the turtle button do something besides an exact repeat of the phrase? I missed the "an" because it blended so well with the former word.


I wonder if it's just me - I want to say 'Was the window not open'. Maybe it's a Scots habit?


"Was the window not open?" was also what I tried, but it was marked as wrong. I've reported it as "My answer should be accepted."


Could someone explain a definitive way to know when to use vs. please?

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