"I have not seen you this year."

Translation:Io non ti ho visto quest'anno.

4 years ago



Afraid the "answer" is incomprehensible

3 years ago


You guys are leading people astray, for God's sake!

"Non ti ho veduto quest'anno" is correct!

The past participle forms of verb vedere are "veduto" and "visto".

I suggest that you learn Italian!

Bad, bad, bad, very bad place!

2 years ago

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why not "ti non ho visto"?

4 years ago

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I tried the same thing. I can only assume it is the wrong order - something like us saying 'You I have not seen this year'. :)

4 years ago


I put "Io non ti ho visto questo anno" and it said I was wrong and that it's supposed to be "quest'anno" because of the gender. But isn't anno a masculine word? Or do you always need to make it only one word in Italian?

5 months ago


Sometimes it says you have the gender wrong when really what it mean's is you had to contract them because of the vowels at the end of questo and beginning of anno. This is because it's awkward to say the two words next to each other. Therefore, it becomes "Quest'anno"

Ps. I am not Italian so anyone can correct my explanation of it or clean it up. Happy learning!

3 months ago


My answer is “non ha visto te quest’anno” is marked wrong. Then I tried “non ho visto te quest’anno” and it is marked wrong. The correct answer comes up “non non ho visto quest’anno for the first one and “non non ha visto te quest’anno. I have not seen “non non” in any other sentence. I’m assuming this is a glitch???

2 months ago
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