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Problem with followed discussions.

How do they work? I seem to be following discussions I don't remember following, and not following discussions I thought I'd followed. Is this a known problem? Also do you think it would be better if discussions appeared in the order you followed them rather than in the order they appeared? As it is it means they're not very easy to find if you're following a lot of discussions (which I am, most of them unintentionally).

July 10, 2014



Not sure if this will help with following discussions you didn't intend to follow, but just in case:

If you enter a discussion that you don't wish to follow, look up in the top right corner at the green icon bar. If you're following it, it says "Following discussion". If you don't wish to follow any more, click on the same green icon and it changes to "Follow discussion". That should remove it from your followed list.

Hopefully that will at least allow you to cut down on the clutter.


Yes I know, but thanks anyway.


Great! I'll leave it in case anyone else stops by with a similar issue but isn't aware of it.

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