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Arabic Skill (Geo) - Correcting mistakes

Correction Mistake
اَلْحَقيبَة اَلْشَّنْطَة
اَلسَّلام اَلْسَّلام
اَلرُّزّ اَلْرُّزّ
اَلصَّياد اَلْصِّياد
أَيْنَ بَلَدُك يا ريم أَيْنَ بَلَدِكِ يا ريم

The word اَلْشَّنْطَة is not an MSA word - It's a colloquial word Middle Eastens teach people many words from their dialects as MSA words - They will do this mostly because they don't know MSA very well

Many times I have heard people who have learned Arabic say : Bass - Khalaas - Ma fiish - Kamaan - all these words are not MSA word - They are from Egyptian or Levantine dialects

February 14, 2020


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