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  5. "I like this picture."

"I like this picture."

Translation:Is toil leam an dealbh seo.

February 14, 2020



Can someone give ne a breakdown as to why "seo" is at the end of the sentence? Up until now, I've only seen it at the beginning (Thanks)


It's best to think of seo as meaning 'here'

The picture here


so, I suppose also in the sentence "Tha an soitheach seo àlainn" you could translate it "the dish here is lovely"? --sorry, I'm a newbie to Gàighlig--


Yes exactly.


Because it's modifying the word "dealbh" and modifiers like adjectives come after the noun they're modifying. So "dealbh seo" = "this picture." And "Seo dealbh" = "This is a picture."


Please, add 《'S toigh leam》 and 《Is toigh leam》 to the programme so that it can consider them correct. I studied a bit of Gàidhlig years ago and the spellings used in the materials were these two. Tapadh leibh.


They say that toigh is accepted - see here.

So if it isn't, please report it as a fault as they do not have time to read all the comments unless it is flagged with a report. But please note that if you make any other mistake, it may say you are wrong and give toil as the correct answer. When this happens it is easy to think there was something wrong with the toigh.

To be absolutely 100% certain that you have not made any other mistake, try the following

Next time toigh is marked wrong, copy what they say is the correct answer (using the copy and paste thing - highlight the text and press Ctrl+C). Next time the question comes up - which it will after you make a mistake, if you are not doing a test - paste in the answer (Ctrl+V) and alter the toil to toigh. If it still says you have made a mistake then report it. It appears you cannot do this on a phone, though.

Toil is now considered the preferred spelling, though it makes me cringe. This is because it is an eggcorn. The original word is toigh which means 'agreeable'. Is toigh leam etc. got misheard as Is toil leam because of the following l, and because toil makes a bit (but not a lot) of sense as it means '1 desire, will, wish 2 inclination, volition 3 pleasure, delight' (AFB) which isn't exactly what Is toigh leam means.


Why do you need "an" in his sentence?


See my comment above:

The picture here

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