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how can i put a word back in practice

After having removed it previously.. Also when I click on remove from practice, nothing happens, so it's hard to tell whether this feature works at all...

April 30, 2013



Likewise, it would be good to be able to display a list of words removed from practice, so they can be potentially added back.


Hi! When you take a word out of practice the word gets completely strengthened (full gold bars). Over time this will decay. We are going to make it easier to automatically make it possible to put a word back in practice. Thanks for this comment!


Thanks..It seems some words get repeated in practices over and over (cat, dog, to eat, orange, apple etc). So I was hoping you might be able to replace those by the ones which I need to practise more.. If I am doing a dedicated practice on eg accusative pronouns, I would like to not just strengthen those, but also the nouns being used in the sentences. That is however impossible since the nouns would most likely be of the cat,dog, apple variety...


I would like to know this too. I asked a similar question here: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/770298

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