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  5. "Las corrientes son fuertes."

"Las corrientes son fuertes."

Translation:The currents are strong.

July 10, 2014



la corriente meant trend a few sentences ago.


I know. I got it wrong because of that.


I reported is as acceptable, as it is an appropriate answer/translation, on 9Dec16


Why my answer was marked incorrect? "The trends are strong"


My dictionary does not connect 'trend' with 'corriente' in the Spanish or English sections.


however, 1 lesson ago, duo lingo showed the definition of corriente as "trend". No wonder we got this wrong! Sometimes duolingo gives me a giant pain!! :-(


It is in the rae.es (Spanish official dictionay or something), spanishdict as jurekcy1 links to, and a dictionary I'm looking at in the 3rd definition of the noun, having the meaning of "tendencia".


its more related to currents with regards to water. If you google translate it you'll see the alternate meanings


a few slides before this it gave me the word corrientes and told me it was the trends. Then in the slide just before this it asked what the spanish word for trend was, I said corrriente. Then this slide came up. Guess what I put? And guess what was marked wrong. AH!


La contracorriente = riptide


Do I have to use it in plural? I always heard the currant is strong


I believe you mean 'current'. I've seen people use the singular form when they're actually experiencing it in person- when they're flying or sailing. In news reports, however, the plural form is common. Don't know why exactly. This ambiguity does not exist in context of electricity.


I was shocked by both the blender and toaster oven at the same time. They sent two currents/a current through my body. Slightly ambiguous


Gave you an upvote because I agree; there's presence of ambiguity, and for the funny example :D.


Why does it give me wrong for "The streams are strong". Doesn't it mean the same?


I too was irked by getting dinged for "trend" so it's good to know that "tendencia" is preferable. The Chicago dictionary does not list corriente=trend, and I think the problem is the old one of a lack of context. Duo seems to think only currents can be strong, not trends. More context, please, Duo!


"Trend' is a synonym for current. Probably better to leave that for advanced lessons.


I'm not entirely sure how 'trend' becomes a synonym for current. Perhaps you'd like to elucidate.


I still don't understand when I have to use "son" or "sonos", why "las corrientes sonos fuertes" is incorrect?


sonos is not a word


"powerful" should definitely be added.


without know if the speaker is naturalist talking about the ocean or a fashion critic talking about yes, fashions, how are we to know which translation of "corrientes" is correct as the dictionary has both "currents" and "trends" as probable translations. Have I misread this?


earlier you said corriente means trend !


No, we didn't. We here are just students. If a word is on a list of possible translations, you have to decide on the most appropriate in context. 'Corriente' may be 'trend' in some contexts, but probably not here.

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