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Duolingo Schools - Disabling Specific Stories?

I am wondering if it might be possible for teachers to have the capability to disable certain stories for those students linked to their classroom platform. I hate to really even ask this, but as a Catholic school teacher, I have noticed that some of the stories are beginning to have more diversity-inclusive characters (i.e. The Honeymoon). From a personal point of view I LOVE this and think that it's important for everyone to be represented in stories; however, from a Catholic school point of view (especially with younger students), same-sex marriage does not align with church teaching, so some parents may see this as presenting messages that go against that teaching. It's very likely that because of this, a disgruntled parent will soon require us to stop using Duolingo all together which would be extremely unfortunate to me. If there was a simple way for teachers to disable specific stories (just like we can disable adult vocabulary and the flirting unit and discussion forums, etc.), it would be a tremendous help for us to fight for the right to preserve our students' access to Duolingo. Again, I personally think it's important for students to encounter characters of all types in the stories they hear, so that they can realize that first and foremost we love one another no matter what; however, I understand that parents paying to send their children to our institution wish to be the primary teacher on this and rely on us (and our resources) to support church teaching.

Additionally, I would hate to disable STORIES completely because as a language educator and learner myself, I know the amazing POWER that stories have for helping learners to truly acquire language. To me, the Duolingo STORIES component is what sets it apart from all other online programs: hearing native voices, hovering capability, self-paced/differentiation aspect, comprehension questions throughout for accountability, etc. Please, PLEASE, help us not completely lose access to Duolingo and the Duolingo Stories.

February 14, 2020



Can a teacher block certain Stories from young students?: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35985113

"Mature content filter options": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/35264031


Quote: Additionally, I would hate to disable STORIES completely....

As long as specific control features are not implemented (stories evolved from the BETA Labs project), the best solution is to block the stories.duolingo.com subdomain in your schools firewall.


They would still have access to everything on their devices at home though.


Well since the Duolingo Staff replied my petition of letting us hiding specific stories, basically they answered: "there's no such option, please use other platform different than Duolingo"... I'd suggest you making your own lessons on www.quizlet.com



"Quizlet is shutting down spaced repetition at the end of the month": https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36567535

Or maybe just pick a software where you can teach words and words with spaced repetition (SR) intervals...


I have the same concern? What was the response?


Does the school require topics of homosexuality to be avoided?

Are you teaching that homosexuality is bad?


She teaches at a Catholic school and their teachings are against homosexuality.

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