Agus or is?!

Whaaahh! Just got thrown tonight by the phrase 'This is Archie and Anna' Seo Eairdsidh is Anna. Why isn't it Eairdsidh agus Anna?

Why is the one simple word (and) that I felt totally confident in using now pitching me a curved ball?


February 14, 2020


They are interchangeable, don't worry! :)

On that note, if your version wasn't accepted, report it as correct! :)

Volgav vitsenanieff nivya kevach varatsach.

They are equivalent but "is" is more often used for common linkages horse 'n cart, food 'n drink, etc.......

Ah, that is helpful thank you.

Isn't it in the notes, that it's just an abbreviation?

Couldn't see that anywhere in the notes!

We must be at the same section, cos it did for me also!

I have added a small section to the notes about this! :)

I actually thought it was in the notes already.

I was watching kiddie TV and I noticed that while the programme title is "Piseag agus Cuilean", the wee jingle goes "ag ionnsachadh le Piseag is Cuilean".

(Or should Piseag be Phiseag following le? I can't quite call to mind how the song is sung.)

Technically it's "le piseig" as the dative indefinite slenderises, but this is often ignored, especially in speech. Seriously recommend for all grammar rules, though it's a bit dense for people who aren't comfortable with language "jargon". He asks for a very small donation, but WELL worth it......

Would definitely avoid using "le piseig" though in regular speech. That would be hyper-formal, especially when no definite article is involved. :)

I think in the jingle it's the name of the character actually. "Kitty."

It's a silly jingle being sung by what may be a child's voice. I have no idea how it would be spelled and the target audience isn't old enough to read anyway!

But thanks for that, I'll bookmark the link.

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