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"Very many bones are on the floor."

Translation:Plurima ossa in pavimento sunt.

February 15, 2020


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in pavimento
on the floor [static location; ablative]

Plurima ossa in pavimento sunt.
A great many bones are on the floor.

in pavimentum
onto the floor [motion toward; accusative]

Plurimam ossa in pavimentum iacis.
You throw a great many bones onto the floor.


Omg this helped so much. Duo really failed explainong this.

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There is this plain-English overview of what the cases are and how they work:
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Adjectives must agree in gender, number, and case with the nouns they modify, but they have their own declensions. Sometimes you get lucky and the adjective just happens to follow the same declension as the noun, but that is not a guarantee.

There are these conjugation charts:
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