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  5. "Tha m' athair a' dannsa."

"Tha m' athair a' dannsa."

Translation:My father is dancing.

February 15, 2020



How would "tha mathair a' dannsa" be pronounced differently?


It's màthair, and you hold the à longer when you say it.


In this recording the 'a' already sounds quite long to me. One thing I wish there was (understand it's probably hard to do) is to have "similar but different" phrases, where there are subtle differences to the pronunciation like this, so we could listen to them. (I can't do accents over the letters in the discussions, only when there are the buttons available in the lessons)


The recording level is far too low, it is practically inaudible.


I get tripped up by this one almost every time too, but not due to there being anything wrong with the recording. I'll look out for lack of stress on the 'a' next time. Good tip


Just chosen to do another set of previous errors and got the same set over again which allowed me to listen for the stress/lack of stress on the 'a'. I really thought it sounded as màthair would.

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