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"Tha am bus ann an stèisean ann an Uibhist."

Translation:The bus is in a station in Uist.

February 15, 2020



If the sentence were;" The bus is in THE station in Uist", would I be right in thinking it would be.. "Tha am bus ANNS AN stèisean ann an Uist."?


Sgoinneil! Those little an/ am / a'/ ans/ are teasing me endlessly, but I do believe I'm slowly getting it :)


The first time I answered this one with "busaichean" "The buses are in a station..."

Why was it wrong?


this was a month ago so i assume you understand now but if it was plural i believe it would be 'na busaichean' because na and na h- are for plurals and am/an etc are singular


Because you are only talking about one bus.


Is there a reason why it couldn't also be understood as "The bus is at a station in Uist?" It seems interchangeable to me in English, but that may just be my dialect.


That is how I answered, too. Using "at" is more commonly used where I live. The bus is at the school. It is at the bus stop. etc...


You certainly could translate it that way, but it isn't how you would say it In Gàidhlig- I think personally it helps me to translate as literally as possible, because it reminds me how to phrase in Gàidhlig. If I translate it as "at", I might later write a sentence in Gàidhlig using at instead of in, which would make no sense, but if I translate it as "in" I am more likely to use "in" in the future? Not harshing your vibe tho, you do you


Cia mheud busaichean a tha e ann an Uibhist? ;)


tha aon bhus ann ???


I may have just missed it, but is it not "am bhus"? The definite article seems to lenite most other words


Masculine nouns don't lenite with the definite article (in the nominative case) - the notes for Food 2 explains the different forms of the definite article for masculine nouns. Some feminine nouns do lenite with the definite article, depending on which letter they begin with - the notes for Animals explains the different forms of the definite article for feminine nouns. Bus is masculine, so it doesn't lenite with the definite article - am bus (if it were feminine, it would be a' bhus - am bhus is not an option).

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