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  5. "Seall air mo ghàirdean!"

"Seall air mo ghàirdean!"

Translation:Look at my arm!

February 15, 2020



The gentle v sound at the end of Seall is common in many dialects of Gàidhlig. Ending consonant sounds differ a bit from region to region, often adding another sound that is not printed as a separate letter in its spelling.


Exactly! Thank you.


I hear /ʃa:lvər'/. Where does 'v' sound come from?


So do I. Listened several times.


i guess you are talking about the gh in ghàirdean... the h changes the sound of the g, which can, when spoken softly mimic the sound of v in a recording. The sound is actually a little more complicated than that to explain... almost, but not exacactly like saying a rolled back-throated g with a gentle lower-lipped v and adding a lot of air expelled all at the same time.


Thank you for clarification but I hear /v/ before 'air' as if it were 'Seall mhair'. Maybe it is the result of dark '-ll' ending of 'seall'. /ʃa:lᵘ ər'/ > /ʃa:lwər'/> /ʃa:lvər'/


I've reported it already, but ... 3 times (so far) in this section, I've had "Great!" or "Right!" or "Nice!", which would normally indicate my answer was correct. But... the text is in red and there's a big "X", which normally means my answer is wrong.

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