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Advice on resetting level- stuck on bug level

Lesson 4 arabic for english speakers: I have completed lessons 1-3 by learning the arabic characters then constructing the words. Lesson 4 jumped straight into complex phrases without teaching the characters first. I can't pass the levels as i don't understand the words or recognise the letters. Is this right? it is impossible to get past lesson 4.1.1 I paid for a subscription and was enjoying it, but now i can't learn anymore as it is illogical. I tried and tried but really it is not right. Also I am unable to reset lesson 4 or start it again. Duolingo has not replied. I do need a response as I've paid for a subscription and now cannot pass level 4. I need to reset level 4 and see if the issue persists. I didn't find a response in the forum. I'm stuck and paid 50 pounds. Please help.

Reference number: 1771206

February 15, 2020


[deactivated user]

    I don't remember how far I got in Arabic, but I seem to remember something like this. If it's a bug or something else, below are links that may help. How did you contact Duolingo?


    As a paid subscriber, you should get a response from the company. Good luck!


    If you mean At Home 2, yes, a whole load of words are used before they are introduced. It's as if the individual levels are in the wrong order. I solved the problem by using Google Translate to identify each new word as it appeared so that I could learn it before moving on.

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