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  5. "Tha falt ruadh air Mìcheal."

"Tha falt ruadh air Mìcheal."

Translation:Michael has red hair.

February 15, 2020



I have just been told to watch the accents on an answer written in English! How strange! We convert English names to Gaelic so surely when translating into English we should be using English spellings!?


Did you accidentally add an accent?


No, that was what surprised me, it showed the answer with an accent over the I in Michael.


That's weird. It doesn't have one in the English.


Indeed, it's the first time I've encountered that and I had to double check I hadn't typed in the wrong language lol. If it does it again anytime I'll try to get a screenshot :-)


Did the same to me . I did get a copy of the page but I can't seem to post that here. It called it correct but there was a warning about accents. Here is the text copied and pasted:

Tha falt ruadh air Mìcheal. micheal has red hair Pay attention to the accents. Mìcheal has red hair.

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