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  5. "Your wife is marvelous."

"Your wife is marvelous."

Translation:Tha do bhean mìorbhaileach.

February 15, 2020



Why is "Tha an bhean agad mìorbhaileach" not ok, whereas "Tha an duine agad mìorbheileach" is ok (perhaps)?


In principal it is not wrong, apart from the fact that it should be 'a' bhean agad'. Here is an example of the construction used in An Litir Bheag (Number 520):

An-uiridh, bha mi fhìn ’s a’ bhean agam a’ cur seachad beagan làithean air a’ Chomraich.

(Translation: Last year I and my wife were spending a few days in Applecross.)


Tapadh leibh


'S do bheatha.

Wives may be marvellous, but they are hardly inalienable these days...


Why "Do bhean mhìorbhaileach"? but "Tha do bhean mìorbhaileach."?


Attributive and non-attributive; 'X is adjective' vs 'adjectivey X'.

Do bhean mhìorbhaileach - Your marvelous wife

Tha do bhean mìorbhaileach - Your wife is marvelous


Ahhh. Of course. I just was hanging on to the lenition of the first one and didn't pay attention to the Tha. Thanks!!

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