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Grammar and syntax lessons

I'm doing Duolingo for Scots Gaelic, and am finding it to be excellent for revision of the Gaelic I learnt during a distance course from SMO many years ago. In particular, for revision of Gaelic vocabulary. However, I can't see any lessons on topics, just exercises, which wouldn't be ideal for beginners. For instance, to say "I have xxx" in Gaelic requires knowledge of the construction "tha xxx agam" using the preposition 'aig', which is non-intuitive for English native speakers. Another example: the phrase "Bu toil leam", 'I would like', is very commonly used - s it taught in Duolingo or does it have to be picked up by doing exercises?

Have I missed something? Are there grammar and syntax lessons on Duolingo? These will be particularly important when exercises require, say, the past or conditional tenses.

February 15, 2020



Duo teaches by giving you repeated examples of the format you need to use. It requires a pretty fair amount of repetition to pick it up. And lots of errors. However, it does work. I am currently in the process of getting to level five in Irish (similar grammar), and I find their tips and notes to be overly academic, so it's actually easier to figure out the proper syntax from the examples. I am finally getting to the point where I'm right more often than I'm wrong.


Here is a link to all the Duolingo tips/notes together:


If you would like more grammar, you might like this sight. It teaches Gaelic grammar topics going from easy to hard. There are about 60 lessons in all. The lessons also gradually advance from easy to hard in the vocabulary and sentence structure. I think you can see the first 10 lessons without requesting a password.



Thanks, that's very useful, particularly for beginners. I know about Taic and luckily printed all the help topics out before the site went behind a paywall.


Have you had a look at the notes pages for each skill?


Nope. Where do you find skills? Either I'm being a numpty or the interface isn't showing me any.


They don't jump out at you. If you look at the icon that comes up when you click on a skill there is an option to click on a 'Tips' box. Click on that and it takes you to the grammar notes for that skill. Not there in the app version.


'Skills' is the term for the various icon options such as 'phrases', 'food' 'weather&c - each of thos has an entry icon which contains the 'tips' box


Ah, right, got it. I'd not twigged that before and had ignored the tips. Mòran taing :)


Oh, they're very good.


Easier viewed on the website than the app. The app doesn't show the tips box for Gaelic as the course was made by volunteers rather than bu Duo themselves.


Luckily, I only use the website, not the app - I can't be doing with squinting to read a tiny smartphone screen.

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