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"Ann am Beurla no ann an Gàidhlig?"

Translation:In English or in Gaelic?

February 15, 2020



Is there a difference between "ann an Gàidhlig" and "sa Ghàidhlig" to mean "in Gaelic"? I'd come across the latter (think it was on a BBC Bitesize Gaelic page some time ago) and wondered if they were just interchangeable or are used in slightly different ways.


"Anns a' (sa') Ghàidhlig" - in the Gaelic, "ann an Gàidhlig" - in (a) Gaelic. The former is far more common in my experience, to the point of it being considered an error to use the latter, in a teaching context.


Thanks so much for the clarification - much appreciated!


Gàidhlig, mas e do toil e! Ach nas slaodaiche ;-)


I am interested where Beurla came from and its connection to the word English.


In my opinion Beurla was the general word for a tongue at those old times when no English and Gaelic did not exist as codified languages.

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